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WELCOME KiaStyles + Meeting All Your Healthy Hair Care Needs + We Will Introduce U 2 Options You May Never Knew Exist. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE CALL 678-663-5298 *(Ask 4 Kia) Where Looking Good Is Understood!

Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Come With The Hair You Have & Leave With The Hair You Want + IF U Want 2 ACHIEVE IT.. I'LL WEAVE IT...IF U Want 2 GROW IT.. I'LL SEW IT & NOBODY'LL KNOW IT..

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Think of the questions your customers ask most frequently and write them here along with the answers.

A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

A: Including a FAQ page is a user-friendly way of presenting information to customers so they can quickly look it up. It also can help reduce the number of service calls and e-mails.

A: Choosing Hair
Decide whether you want synthetic or human hair. Both can be washed and conditioned, but each has its unique differences. Synthetic hair is most commonly cheaper than human hair because it is derived from fibers instead of humans. Synthetic hair can look and feel just like human hair, however, it tends to frizz rather quickly and badly. It is best used for sew-in weaves intended to stay in your hair for up to a month. Human hair is the most ideal choice for a sew-in weave because not only does it look more natural than synthetic hair, it also lasts much longer with proper maintenance. Human hair extensions come in different grades, the highest and most Luxuary being Virgin Remy. Your extensions will be mostly tangle- and matting-free while using Remy human hair extensions.


A: A bulky sew-in weave can be a horrendous sight. Therefore, it is critical that your sew-in weave be as flat as possible. A flat sew-in hair weave promotes a much more natural look. A weave net is commonly used to accomplish this, serving as a flat surface through which to sew.


A: Maintaining a lovely mane can be difficult---it takes time and patience. Especially when you have extensions, cleansing and washing your hair properly is imperative to maintaining optimal hair health. There are several steps for cleansing and washing hair that contains added, sewn-in Hair Weave extensions.
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