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WELCOME KiaStyles + Meeting All Your Healthy Hair Care Needs + We Will Introduce U 2 Options You May Never Knew Exist. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE CALL 678-663-5298 *(Ask 4 Kia) Where Looking Good Is Understood!

Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Come With The Hair You Have & Leave With The Hair You Want + IF U Want 2 ACHIEVE IT.. I'LL WEAVE IT...IF U Want 2 GROW IT.. I'LL SEW IT & NOBODY'LL KNOW IT..

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What we do: Hair Revitalization
We are primarily accepting new clients who wish achieve healthier hair with the help of protective styling - hair weaves.  We are most concerned with the health of your hair first, then the style.  When you come in for a consultation, we will assess your hair to see what you may need during your Healthy Hair Makeover.  We will also let you know if we feel that you are not a good candidate for a weave as well.  Not everyone's hair is suitable for a weave. 

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Subject: Weave Menu Service Price list

• All Services Include:

installation of the weave,
cut, and style unless stated

We also Supply • High-quality, 
re-usable weave hair:
This hair is not included with 
the weave price. You 
must pay the separate cost 
for your hair.

• 1st Appointment Rates & 
Regular Rates:
1st-time clients of 
KiaStyles & AWww.Allthatandmorehair.Com will
pay the "1st Appointment Rate". 
For your second appointment 
and all subsequent 
appointments, your rate will be

reduced to the "Regular Rate"

that is given to our existing

• Extra charges may apply for:
-Hand-tied wefts
Note: Please bring machine 
wefts if at all possible

 -Shampoo, deep conditioning 

or other special treatment, 
trim (if needed), 

• Methods of Payment for 





Partial Weave

Sewn-in. The natural hair lies between each track, hair is also left out at the top and sides. The finished look is the same as a full weave


$200 Hair included 1st Appt.
$175 Regular*
(excluding hair)
*Prices are subject to change*

Full Weave

Sewn in. The majority of the hair is braided except for a portion at the top, sides and/or back area.

$275 Hair included 1st Appt.
$250 Regular*
(excluding hair)
*Prices are subject to change*

Full-Head Weave

Sewn in. All of the natural hair is braided up. The tracks are closed off at the top. No parting, just a separation of hair in the front.

$375 with Hair Included 1st Appt. $275 Regular 
(excluding hair)
*Prices are subject to change*


A strand-by-strand method of attachment using a keratin bond

Please inquire
*Prices are subject to change*

Individual Tracks

Single tracks added for fullness or highlights

$45 per track
(excluding hair and shampoo)
*Prices are subject to change*

*IMPORTANT INFO* For Your 1st Appt with Free Hair Included Special Deals, Text KIASTYLES1ST to # 678-663-5298 to unlock your Special Code
💋 Hair must be Pre-Shampooed + Straightened 

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