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WELCOME KiaStyles + Meeting All Your Healthy Hair Care Needs + We Will Introduce U 2 Options You May Never Knew Exist. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE CALL 678-663-5298 *(Ask 4 Kia) Where Looking Good Is Understood!

Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Come With The Hair You Have & Leave With The Hair You Want + IF U Want 2 ACHIEVE IT.. I'LL WEAVE IT...IF U Want 2 GROW IT.. I'LL SEW IT & NOBODY'LL KNOW IT..

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Beauty On A Budget

Beauty On A Budget??
 So here is what I'm going to do. I will keep posting weekly and sometimes daily specials mainly on FACEBOOK and TWITTER everyday! So friend us and like us on FACEBOOK, and follow us on TWITTER for super deals!
 We have been blessed to experience great growth in our *NEW *All That & More Hair Extenstions  + Full Lace Front Wig  product line and new. As we look to our 2012 we will be focusing on further developing our salon online store + further developing a strong customer referral with rewards program.
With this in mind we are working on a free customer giveaway contest! From free weaves and extension services , to free custom made healthy hair cocktails & product gift baskets, , to free 100% Remy human Indian Hair and lace front wigs. We are giving IT AWAY!! Please keep checking back for more information.... Don't forget to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.. You don't want to MISS This!

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Kiastyles +
4229 1st Ave
Tucker, GA 30084
Driving Directions

she chose
 & KiaStyles.
Introducing the all-new, totally
redesigned Full Lace Wigs
with exclusive Kiatyles signature
touch that Looks As If it’s
KiaStyles  Professional Allthatandmorehair
attachment is Eye-Sensitive. Our LOW-SHINE,
HUMID WEATHER High Definition Signature
HairLine Attachment is FOR FULL HEAD BONDS.
KiaStyles Attachment is For All Seasons
Plus is a white glue for extended wear (4+ wks)
 that dries clear and holds up like a champ in hot
 conditions. Good on lace, poly. The "plus" is in its
 light tint which reduces shine. Removes easily

100% Human hair wefts coupled with
KiaStyles All New RE-Designed
exclusive Signature Ultimate Natural Looking
Hair Extension Sew In
*(Last up to 6months) = Dependability
which is the foundation of any of
Kiastyles Sew ins & this Re-Usable HAIR. 
Your hair extentsions will be designed with
legendary Kiastyles reliability, & crafted
to personally fit you as an individual and
meet all your hair care needs. 
Life has it’s moments and you will too
everytime you step out the door wearing
KiaStyles with the Confidence, Security,
and peace of mind
along the way. It’s no wonder  this
Natural Delight is smiling
because she has AllThatAndMoreHair Now
Where Looking Good Is Understood!
You’ve tried the rest now it’s time you try the

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    Quick Weave
    Strand Weave
    Dread Locks Extension

    Rubber Band Weave
    Dread locks/Rasta
    Sister lock/ Brother lock
    Afro kink twist
    Rasta Twist  


        Care Free Curl

Shampoo and Set
Lace Wig

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Chemo hair replacement
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Weave Removal
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Roller & Set
Hair Color Hair Treatments Dread Locks Fusion
Bond in Weave Memorable Services
100% Human Hair (Hair Replacement)   
100% Human Hair (Hair Implants & Transplants)   
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