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WELCOME KiaStyles + Meeting All Your Healthy Hair Care Needs + We Will Introduce U 2 Options You May Never Knew Exist. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE CALL 678-663-5298 *(Ask 4 Kia) Where Looking Good Is Understood!

Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Come With The Hair You Have & Leave With The Hair You Want + IF U Want 2 ACHIEVE IT.. I'LL WEAVE IT...IF U Want 2 GROW IT.. I'LL SEW IT & NOBODY'LL KNOW IT..

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Hair replacement systems, done right
Introducing the all-new, totally redesigned *HIGH DEFINITION HAIRLINE THE WAY NATURE INTENDED "plus"Full Lace Wigs with exclusive Kiatyles signature touch that Looks As If it’sGROWING RIGHT FROM YOUR SCALP!
Kia Styles Professional LOW-SHINE, HUMID WEATHER GLUE FOR PARTIAL & FULL HEAD BONDS.KiaStyles  Professional Allthatandmorehair attachment is Eye-Sensitive. Our LOW-SHINE, HUMID WEATHER High Definition Signature HairLine Attachment is FOR PARTIAL & FULL HEAD BONDS.KiaStyles Attachment is For All Seasons Plus extended wear (4+ wks) that dries clear and holds up like a champ in hot conditions. Good on lace, poly. The "plus" is in her attachment which reduces shine. Removes easily & Non Damaging. Ask about her favorite solvent and adhesive or BUY NOW....Learn More Where Looking Good Is Understood!

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Introducing the all-new, totally redesigned Full Lace Wigs with exclusive Kiatyles signature touch that Looks As If it’s GROWING RIGHT FROM YOUR SCALP!
100% Hum
an Hair Craftsmanship Only young healthy hair is selected. Then each strand of AT&MH is handpicked to ensure that the cuticles are aligned in one direction. Each strand of hair is handled with the utmost care to maintain the youth and livelihood of the hair. Cuticle alignment eliminates
all harsh chemical treatments that typically cause tangles and breakage. By eliminating harsh chemical treatments the hair remains thicker, stronger and healthier.
This is how we make AllThatAndMoreHair so smooth, bouncy, maintenance-free, tangle-free, naturally lustrous, long lasting and easy to curl.

Get stuck on our favorite selection of adhesives good for every type of hair system & hold time!. Learn More

For your Attachment Product price & special offer Call us Now 678-663-5298

Your styling options are endless!