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WELCOME KiaStyles + Meeting All Your Healthy Hair Care Needs + We Will Introduce U 2 Options You May Never Knew Exist. SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE CALL 678-663-5298 *(Ask 4 Kia) Where Looking Good Is Understood!

Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Come With The Hair You Have & Leave With The Hair You Want + IF U Want 2 ACHIEVE IT.. I'LL WEAVE IT...IF U Want 2 GROW IT.. I'LL SEW IT & NOBODY'LL KNOW IT..

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Think of the questions your customers ask most frequently and write them here along with the answers.

A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

A: Hair extension is adding hair (human or synthetic) onto your own hair by means of Weaving, Braiding, Fusion, Bonding, Skin Extensions and Clip-on.
It is normally applied by a skilled beautician in a salon, but some individuals have been applying it in the convenience of their own home. Hair extensions can make you look and feel younger and beautiful. With instant long and luscious hair that you wear on a regular basis, you can sleep, wash and care for it like your own hair.
You can also cut and style to fit your look.

100% Human hair wefts coupled with
KiaStyles All New RE-Designed
exclusive Signature Ultimate Natural Looking
Hair Extension Sew In
*(Last up to 6months) = Dependability
which is the foundation of any of
Kiastyles Sew ins & this Re-Usable HAIR.  
Your hair extentsions will be designed with
legendary Kiastyles reliability, & crafted
to personally fit you as an individual and
meet all your hair care needs.  
Life has it’s moments and you will too
everytime you step out the door wearing
KiaStyles with the Confidence, Security,
and peace of mind
along the way. It’s no wonder  this
Natural Delight is smiling
because she has AllThatAndMoreHair Now
Where Looking Good Is Understood!
You’ve tried the rest now it’s time you try the

she chose
 & KiaStyles.
Introducing the all-new, totally
redesigned Full Lace Wigs
with exclusive Kiatyles signature
touch that Looks As If it’s
KiaStyles  Professional Allthatandmorehair full lace wig
attachment is Eye-Sensitive. Our LOW-SHINE,
HUMID WEATHER High Definition Signature
HairLine Attachment is FOR FULL HEAD BONDS.
KiaStyles Attachment is For All Seasons
Plus it's for extended wear (4+ wks)
our adhesive dries clear and holds up like a champ in hot
 conditions. Good on lace, poly. The "plus" is in its
 light tint which reduces shine. Removes easily
with our signature remover.

A:  No. A properly applied lace wig will not damage your hairline. Lace wigs are full wigs with mesh lace attached to the front/back of them. Lace wigs are generally applied with adhesives around the perimeter of your hairline. However, there are other methods that can be used to apply lace wigs; such as clips. When you wear lace wigs, you can style your hair however you like because the partings are natural-looking. You cannot see where the lace starts or ends because it is thin and undetectable.

A:  If you don't do your research first, your hair can pay from it. Try to get consultations from multiple stylists, and see which one you are most comfortable with. Make sure they are "Certified". Ask to see a Certification, ask to see “Before” and “After” pictures, and ask if you can get references. If you go to an unexperienced stylist, they can apply extensions the wrong way and ruin your hair!! Damage also happens when clients think they can remove their own hair, have a friend remove them or a stylist who is not "Certified" in Extensions.

A: It's a good idea to use a different format, such as bold, for the questions, so that it is easy to distinguish them from the answers.

Q: Learn More Hair Weave / Extension Service?
A: Do you only work with African-American hair textures for weaving/hair extensions?  

I can work with all textures of hair that people have (African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, bi-racial, etc)
I'm caucasian, which type of weave would work for my hair?
A partial weave or individual tracks will most likely be the best choice for you.

How long does my hair need to be in order to get a weave?

I prefer working with lengths longer than 3 inches.

Is there anything that I should do to my hair prior to my weave appointment?

If possible, you can shampoo and blow-dry your hair.  Please avoid using excess oils.  I will add a moisturizer to your hair.

How long will it take to get my weave done?

You can expect to be in the chair for about 2-3 hours.  However, this time frame does vary from client to client.

Will I have to wait a while to get my hair done after my scheduled appointment time?

Nine times out of ten, I will be ready for you when you arrive at your scheduled appointment time.  I always will try to contact you in advance whenever possible if I feel that I will be running more than 15 minutes behind schedule.

I want a weave but don't know what type of weave hair I should get.

That's okay.  We can schedule a consultation and I can go over the different types of weaves.  At that time, we can decide what would work best for your needs.  We can also discuss options over the phone.

I want a sewn-in weave, but I have natural hair.  Do I have to get a relaxer?

A relaxer is certainly not required for a weave.  However, I recommend a full-head weave (with all of the hair braided up) if you do not feel comfortable maintaining the top area of your hair between salon visits.  

Q:  How can hair extensions help your look?
A: Hair extensions can create a whole new style. You can increase length and volume and create a new style. Wanna find out more about hair extensions? Please click here and we'll guide you.